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Artist Statement

          We all move through life experiencing the world through our unique daily encounters. The overarching theme of my work is the human experience. I explore the world from the human perspective through the relationships we create with the world that surrounds us all.  

          Currently, my work explores the human experience through light. Light is a radiation that everyone experiences uniquely. Regardless of the source – the rays of the sun, the beaming moon light, or the artificial light of our interiors – light is needed and serves all of humanity. We all experiences light in countless ways, as well as utilize its many applications for metaphors and abstract concepts including the spiritual, emotional, and our daily experiences. The encompassing theme of this work is to create images that explore light and experimental photographic processes to create dimensional pieces that demonstrate the physical form of the two. 

           My first series deconstructed landscape observed the human relationship with the earth. These images demonstrate the deconstruction of the landscape by our presence. Our human experience with nature brings both beauty and destruction. Next, the series exposed explored the human experience and relationship with emotion and mental health. We each have a varying experience with emotion and mental health. Some experience these conditions firsthand while others support those who struggle. One thing we all have in common is that we all experience emotion in our own unique ways, it is simple a part of the human experience we cannot escape.