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Artist Statement

            While each of us moves through life, encountering the world through unique experiences, there are common experiences that unite us as a human race. These commonalities affect each of our lives regardless of gender, ethnicity, color, religion, or sexuality. The overarching theme of my work is exploring the themes of the human experience that unite us.

             My work explores life from the human perspective with an emphasis on humanity’s experiences with the world that surrounds it—unifying concepts like mortality, life, spirituality, space, time, nature, and emotion. I endeavor to explore these concepts that unite us as a species. While we each experience the world uniquely, we are simultaneously united in the human experience. My past projects highlight the emotions we experience, our relationship with nature, and the spaces we inhabit. Currently, I explore humanity’s contemplation of its own existence, emphasizing the human desire to understand one’s own origins, existence, and purpose, and the complexity enveloping these questions.