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Artist Statement

Throughout history, cultures from around the world have expressed some understanding of a spirit, soul, consciousness, energy, inner eternal being, entity, or aura. The photographs I create burst with light and color and are layered with complexity. These images represent the journey of a “spirit” filled with light, dark, color, energy, peace, chaos and most importantly constant change. My work explores life from the human perspective with an emphasis on unifying concepts like mortality, life, spirituality, space, time, nature, and emotion. I endeavor to explore these concepts that unite us as a species. These commonalities affect each of our lives regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or sexuality. Through abstract cameraless photography, I explore humanity’s contemplation of its own existence, emphasizing the human desire to understand one’s own origins, existence, and purpose, and the complexity enveloping these questions. The abstract images offer an opportunity for open dialog and interpretation, allowing individuals and families to apply my work to their own experiences, beliefs, and journeys in life.




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