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Deconstructed Landscapes

Project Statement:

Landscapes have developed from primitive Paleolithic cave drawings, that developed into the breathtaking views of Thomas Cole, and morphed to the impressionistic paintings of Monet. Naturally, landscapes also became popular in photography. Ansel Adams captured breathtaking black and whites while other photographers captured landscapes in a less conventional way like the work Toshio Shibata. These artists captured beautiful landscapes void of human presence though they are actually full of spectators trudging along the guided path. These contradictory images inspired the series Deconstructed Landscapes.

After printing a pristine landscape I tear it then scan it and reprint that version of it and tear it and scan it again. I do this over and over then combine the images together in a single image showing progression through the 9 frames and the deconstruction of the landscape. This is my representation of the footprint we leave behind.


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